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Sublime, a breathable silicone form!

Sublime forms have an incredibly soft triple layer design for a more natural movement and feel. The advanced fan shaped design enhances cooling and breathability. Watch video

Sumblime Aris 151

Sublime Arís
Sublime Arís features a full projection. The thinner skin-like outer layer has a more delicate soft feel, and together with the extra soft middle layer mimics the movement of natural breast tissue. Engraved bow on the back.

Sizes 3-14
Order No. T-151

Impressions II Breast Forms

Impressions II is quite simply the lightest, softest, most natural and breathable breast form the world has ever seen. It’s revolutionary design with tapered edges and cool breathable back conforms beautifully in the bra to become as individual as the women who wears it. Made of 100% medical grade silicone – naturally moisturizes the skin.

Impressions II shares the best features a shallower profile, based on the world’s #1 selling breast form, Trulife’s Silk Triangle.

Softer silkier surface - Honeycomb core design - Comes with a tote - Natural contour profile

Impressiions II back tote shallow to average fit

Impressions II Triangle
The most natural look and feel imaginable. Impressions II breast form has a natural contour with a shallower profile. Honeycomb core ensures optimum breathability. Shallow to average fit. Comes with travel tote.

Sizes 2-12
Order No. T-101

Impressions II EncoreTriangle
This tawny colored form features a natural contour for a shallow to average profile. Honeycomb core enhances breathablilty. Integrated nipple and areola enhances and restores femininity. Its natural grip prevents shifting during wear. Comes with travel tote.

Sizes 4-12
Order No. T-102

Imoresions II Encore
BodiCool® Breast Forms

BodiCool® breast forms address the two primary concerns of breast form wearers: heat and weight. Heat generated from a woman's chest wall is transferred and absorbed into the TruCool® Gel and remains there until the breast form is removed. At first, the cooling material is frosty in appearance then gradually becomes clear as it absorbs excess heat. Once the BodiCool® breast form is removed, the TruCool® Gel returns to its original frosty appearance, indicating it is releasing heat and rejuvenating.

These forms are lightweight, have a silky-soft matte skin and come with removable CoolMax® breast form cover.

Learn more about TruCool®Gel

BodiCool® Triangle (shallow to average)
This symmetrical form combines lightweight silicone with the unique TruCool® Gel cooling cushion design for added comfort. The triangle shape fits a variety of surgery types.

Sizes 1-14
Order No. T-490

bodicool triangle
BodiCool® Wave Breast Forms

BodiCool® Wave breast forms contain the same unique TruCool® Gel as the BodiCool® forms but utilize the advanced WAVE design instead of the cooling cushions to promote air circulation between the chest wall and breast form. Heat generated from a woman’s chest wall is transferred and absorbed into the TruCool Gel and remains there until the breast form is removed.

BodiCool® Wave Triangle (shallow to average)
This lightweight silicone form offers full-coverage of the soft Trucool Gel with maximum contact. The advanced WAVE design promotes air circulation between the chest wall and breast form The TruCool® Gel delivers advanced cooling effect.
Sizes 1-14
Order No. T-495

BodiCool® Wave Teardrop (shallow to average)
Full-coverage of soft TruCool Gel reduce temperature around the chest wall by several degrees while WAVE technology promotes air circulation between the chest wall and breast form. Each breast form includes a removable COOLMAX® breast form cover.
Sizes 1-14
Order No. T-496

Bodicool Teardrop form

Silk Breast Forms

Silk Breast Forms forms are lightweight breast forms. The skin has a silky, soft matte finish and offers unparallelled softness and suppleness. All silk forms offer a natural drape not found with other breast forms.

Silk 471-472 form

Silk Triangle (shallow to average)
Versatile triangle fits a variety of body types and surgery sites. Works well with both underwire and softcup bras.

Sizes 1-14
Order No. T-471

Silk Tawny Triangle (shallow to average fit)
Versatile triangle fits a variety of body types and surgery sites. Works well with both underwire and softcup bras. Concave back accommodates excess tissue

Sizes 1-17
Order No. T-483

Silk 471-472 back

Silk Triangle Plus (average to full)
Versatile triangle fits a variety of body types and surgery sites. Works well with both underwire and softcup bras. The conformable back provides comfort and additional fullness and projection.

Sizes 1-14
Order No. T-472

Silk Ultima Triangle (full fit)
Fuller triangular shape provides projection for a fuller overall profile. Concave back accommodates excess tissue.

Sizes 1-14
Order No. T-481

Silk 473 form

Silk Teardrop (shallow to average)
This versatile teardrop fits a variety of body and surgery sites. The tapered extension can be positioned in any direction for best fit.

Sizes 1-14
Order No. T-473

Silk A Supreme (shallow to average)
This asymmetrical form accommodates excess skin tissue in its concave back. Underarm extension fills in where tissue is missing at the axilla area. Works well for bilateral patients. Specify left or right when ordering.

Sizes 1-14
Order No. T-475 L/R

Silk 475 prosthesis
Silk 477 prosthesis

Silk Flex (shallow to average)
A Symmetrical heart-shaped form that fits well with underwire bra styles. It can be positioned in any direction for best fit.

Sizes 1-14
Order No. T-477

Silk CURVE (shallow)
A new silky-soft curved breast form to fit the needs of the mature user. The Silk Curve is a symmetrical form with a soft and natural drape to match a mature breast. This form fits well in both underwire and softcup bras. It provides a lightweight fit with shallow projection and a lower apex. The tapered top transitions smoothly to the chest wall.

Sizes 4-14
Order No. T-485

Silk 478 prosthesis

Silk XTend (average to full)
An asymmetrical form that offers more projection and fullness than then Silk A Supreme. Recommended for use with extensive surgeries. Specify left or right when ordering.

Sizes 1-14
Order No. T-478 L/R

Silk Xtend Plus (Full fit)
Tapered extension replaces missing tissue at upper chest and underarm. Works well for extensive surgery sites. The conformable back provides a customized fit and additional fullness and projection. Specify left or right when ordering.

Sizes 1-14
Order No. T-482 L/R

Silk 476 prosthesis

Silk Connect (shallow to average)
This versatile triangle fits a variety of body types and surgery sites. Works well with both underwire and softcup bras. Can be worn attached to the body.

Sizes 1-10
Order No. T-476

Traditional Silicone Breast Forms
Symphony form Symphony
A versatile symmetrical form which can be worn on either the left or the right side of the body. The triangular shape is very advanced, having a natural drape, life feel and appearance. Suitable for all types of breast surgery. (average to full)
Sizes 1-14
Order No. T-508
E Supreme
Available in the largest variety of sizes, the E Supreme is adaptable for different types of surgery. This symmetric teardrop shape matches the natural line of the breast and can be oriented with the extension toward the upper arm or the chest. (average to full)
Order No. T-509
E Supreme form
A Spreme form A Supreme - Shallow Profile
The A Supreme is an asymmetrical breast form with both upper chest and underarm extensions making it very suitable for use in more extensive surgeries.This form has a shallow profile. A concave back allows the air to circulate between the breast form and the chest wall. (shallow to average) Sizes 1-14, Right or Left
Order No. T-503
Post Surgery / Leisure Forms

Featherweight Form
This non-weighted foam teardrop form is light enough for immediate postoperative use. Soft, cotton-backed cover is non-irritating and can be removed to launder. The Featherweight can also be worn for resting, sleeping, or leisure activities.
Order No. T-615

Tri-Featherweight Form
The popular triangular shape is now available as a featherweight! Light and soft enough to wear immediately after surgery, it is also suitable for wear while resting, sleeping, or exercising. Soft, removable, cotton-backed cover has fabric tab at the top, allowing the form to be attached directly to clothing.
Order No. T-616

Tri-Leisure Form (lightly weighted)
This foam breast form has an inner weighted core and a removable cotton-backed cover. Fabric tab at the top of the cover allows the form to be attached directly to clothing. Suited for temporary wear during leisure activities. Sizes 3-14
Order No. T-611

Swim Forms

Ideal for all water activities, this semi-translucent, heart-shaped silicone swim form adapts to a variety of skin tones. The firm, symmetrical, lightweight design maintains balance and prevents shifting. One-year warranty. (shallow to average)
Order No. T-640

Tropez (Average fit)
This triangular, translucent silicone swim form has a fuller, more mature profile than the Calypso. When worn in a swimsuit, the firm silicone helps maintain balance and prevent shifting. Concave back
Sizes 1-14
Order No. C641

The newest concept in active-lifestyle breast form design!
It’s your perfect companion for all active and leisure activities such as yoga, gardening, exercise classes, swimming and jogging. Satin garment loop at top of form can be used to pin into a garment. Lightweight monoprene beads do not absorb water and dry quickly. The beads move and flatten when lying down, giving a natural and flattering profile. Water resistant satin drawstring bag can be used to carry a wet swimsuit or other damp items.
Order No. T-630

New Adjustable Shell

Recover adjustable shell

Recover Triangle Shell
Designed for staged reconstruction, the Recover Shell has removable silicone inserts. The layered back provides additional fullness and projection when needed. Fine, thin tapered edges provide a seamless fit.

Sizes S, M, L, XL
Order No. T-822

recover form    profile
Partial Silicone Forms

Impressions Shell
Made with a unique pure silicone providing the lightest and most natural symmetry, this enhancer incorporates a natural tapering that blends seamlessly to create an intimate fit. This partial features an areola and nipple to enhance feminity.
Sizes S, M, L, XL
Order No. T-110

Evenly You - Triangle Plus Partial
Comfortable, conformable back that provides additional fullness. Tapered edges ensure a flawless profile under clothing. Recommended for post-lumpectomy.
Sizes 3-9
Order No. T-545

Sumblime Sensation 152

Sublime Sensation
The concave back makes Sublime Sensation superlight. This enhancer is ideal for use during activities due to the breathable and soft honeycomb durable structure. The tapered finish contours to the breast and chest wall to blend seamlessly. Can be worn during reconstruction or after surgery. A prosthesis that adapts with you.

Sizes XS, S, M , L
Order No. T-152

Teardrop Partial - (thin shell enhancer)
This lightweight hollow shell of very soft silicone can be used following a lumpectomy or after reconstructive surgery or to enhance your breast size. The Partial completely hides any irregularities, helps restore balance and improves the appearance of your natural silhouette. Available in two colors, Nude or Tawny.
Order No. T-531(Nude), T-356 (Tawny)

Teardro Shell
triangle partial Triangle Partial
Use after lumpectomy or reconstruction, or anytime there is a noticeable difference in breast size. This thin triangular shell holds shape and covers the entire breast outline,creating a smooth, even profile. Available in two colors, Nude or Tawny.
Order No. T-533 (Nude), T-535 (Tawny)
FirstFit - Triangle Post Surgery or Leisure Form
An adjustable soft, lightweight symmetrical triangle form for post-surgery and leisure wear with a seamless molded front for a smooth and flattering profile.
  • Soft and moisture-wicking COOLMAX® fabric on the back offers breathability and moisture management to keep the skin cool and comfortable.
  • Fullness is adjusted by adding or removing fiberfill through the back opening – ideal for use after breast surgery, between radiation therapy sessions, for leisure wear or due to lymphedema or skin sensitivity.
  • Extremely soft fabrics keep the sensitive area free from pressure to optimize comfort
  • 100% hypoallergenic polyester fluff.
  • Extra fiberfill included for customized adjustment.
Sizes 3-12
Order No. T-607
First Fit Adjustable form

Trulife purchased Camp in 1998 and all Naturalwear by Camp products are now labeled Trulife.

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