What can you do to protect yourself from pesticides and other chemicals?

Build resistance, build your immune system... wash your produce thouroughly...use plastic sparingly, never heat in plastic...don't store fatty foods in plastics. Purchase pesticide free produce. It may cost a little more, but the price will go down as the demand rises.

Use alternatives to pesticides in your home.

Sprinkle boric acid in nooks and crannies to deter roaches from dwelling in your household. The roaches will ingest it and will get severe gas. The few that survive will be slow and easy to catch.

The following household items will deter ants: talcum powder/baby powder (gets stuck between their legs and body and absorbs the moisture out of their bodies), Tide laundry detergent, any strong smelling herb like cinnamon, mint or sage. Worker ants will carry Borax back to the nest and the queen will ingest it and blow up.

Flies do not like wind. Place fans so that they blow toward opened doors to keep flies from entering your house. Trap 'N TossTM fly traps use a bait to draw flies into the trap along bottom edge of the trap and then, because flies always fly upward, they become trapped.

Blue attracts mosquitos. Don't wear blue when you anticipate mosquitos. Rub any of the following natural mosquito repellants on exposed skin; Citronella oil, scented geraniums, lemongrass, Avon Skin-SO-Soft or vinegar.

Beer or Pepsi that still has its "fizz" will kill rats and other rodents.
Dried pea diets will sterilize mice.

Place a dish into the soil level with the ground and pour in some beer. Snails will be drawn to the libation but will never leave the dish.

These ideas and more are available from Get Set, Inc.


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