Fu Zhen Therapy (also Fu Zheng)
Fu Zhen therapy is an immune enhancing herbal regimen of Chinese herbs often used as an adjunct cancer therapy. In Fu Zhen therapy, the objective is to support and stimulate deep energy systems within the body to make it stronger and more resistant to degeneration.

"The use of Chinese herbs is an important component of anticancer protocols. Life expectancy increased for patients with rapidly advancing cancers when Chinese herbs were added to their treatment plan, and their life quality also improved."

­ "Journal of American Medicine Association (JAMA)"


Herbal ingredients may vary, but commonly used ingredients include: ginseng, ligustrum, astralagus, codonopsis, atractylodes and ganoderma stimulate the body's natural anticancer defenses. Read more about Fu Zhen and Chinese medicine.

Below is the ingredients of Resist, a Fu Zhen tonic capsule:

  • Ginseng, Astragalus (HuangQi)*
  • Ganoderma Mushroom (LingZy or Ling Chih)*
  • Relative Root (DangShen)*
  • Atractylodes (BaiZhu)*
  • Licorice Root (GanCao)*
  • Rehmannia (ShengDiHuang)
  • Glehnia Root (BeiShaShen)
  • Schizandra (WuWeiZi)*
  • Ginger Root (ShengJiang)
  • Jujube Fruit (DaZao)
  • Millettia Root (JiXueTeng)
  • Cuscuta Seed (TuSiZi)
  • Dioscorea Root (ShanYao)
  • Platycodon Root (JieGeng)
  • Ligustrum Fruit (NuZhenZi)*
  • Paeonia Root (BaiShao)
  • Citrus Peel (ChenPi).

(* These are included in the list of FU Zheng Compound along with "Ci Wu Jia" (Eleutherococcus senticosis)

The American Medical Association (AMA) reported the life expectancey doubled for patients with rapidly advancing cancers when Chinese herbs were added to their treatment plan. JAMA noted that in general, "Patients who received Fu Zheng therapy survived longer and tolerated their treatment better thatn those who were treated by Western medicine alone. he five year survival rate was twice as high among patients with nasopharyngeal cancer (53 percent versus 24 percent)."

(Note: The leading cause of death in China is cancer. However, in comparison to the U.S., breast cancer is very low in this country. For every twenty-six women who die of breast cancer in the US, twenty-nine die in the United Kingdom, only four die in China.)

Refererences: Alternative Medicine, The Moss Report

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