IP-6 (inositol hexaphosphate, or phytic acid)
Inositol hexaphophate (IP-6) is a key phytochemical present in high-fiber foods containing phytic acid, like grains and legumes. In fact, the IP-6 from the fiber in high fiber diets might be why persons eating high fiber diets have a lower incidence of cancer. It is composed of the surgar inositol with six phosphate groups attached. In animal studies, IP6 consistently reduced the formation of tumors and was able to shrink existing tumors of breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer and skeletal muscle tumors. Results were similar when IP6 was administered orally, through intramuscular injection, intraperitoneal injection and injected directly into tumors.

Corn has the highest concentration of IP6 (6%), Sesame (5%), Wheat (2 to 3%), Rice(2%). IP6 is also found in soybeans, beans and legumes and green tea.

Reference: Beating Cancer With Nutrition

WARNING: Persons taking aspirin should refrain from taking both aspirin and IP-6 because of the complications associated with aspirin.

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