Shark Liver Oil
The primary active ingredient in Shark Liver Oil is alkylglycerols(AKGs). AKGs have the ability to restore white blood cells after radiation treatment. AKGs are also found in a variety of marine and fresh water fish and shelfish, cows, sheep and human mother's milk. There are 10 times more AKGs in human mother's milk than in cows milk. There are 1,000 times more AKG's in Shark Liver Oil than in cow's milk.

Secondary ingredients of Shark Liver Oil include squalamine, squalene and Omega-3 oils (EPA, DHA).

Squalamine is a microbial and is effective against many yeast, fungus and bacterial infections and especially offers promise to immune-compromised persons such as AIDS and cancer patients. Studies indicate that squalamine inhibits the growth of blood vessels in tumors (of laboratory animals) thereby causing the tumors to die.

Squalene has antibiotic actions. Omega-3 oils found in many cold water fish form hormone-like prostaglandins (PGs) that control and influence many body processes.

I have found no documented side effects caused by taking Shark Liver Oil.

For patients undergoing radiation therapy, AKGs provide protection against radiation damage. According to Beating Cancer with Nutrition patients should begin taking capsules 2 weeks before radiation therapy and continue throughout the treatment.

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