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Introducing the NEW Sublime and Sublime Arís is so excited to offer these two prostheses by Trulife. The innovative Sublime forms have an advanced fan-shaped pourous design that provides enhanced cooling and breathability. The incredibly soft triple layer design provides a more natural feel and movement.

Finally, a breathable silicone form!

Sumblime Aris 151

Sublime Triangle
The beautiful natural shape and drape of the Sublime form will complement your silhouette. This shallow to average profile form has fine tapered edges and a subtle, hand embossed integrated nipple and areola. The Sublime series are the lightest, most comfortable breast forms available

Sizes 4-14
Order No. C150

Sublime Arís
Sublime Arís offers the same features of the Sublime Triangle with the following modifications: fuller projection, thinner skin-like outer layer for a more delicate soft feel, extra soft middle layer to mimic the movement of natural breast tissue, a smaller base for an enhanced fit. Engraved bow on the back.

Sizes 4-12
Order No. C151

First Form   
First Form is a lightly weighted breast form made of memory foam. First Form is ideal to wear during sport and recreational activities, sleeping or simply relaxing at home. Great for hot summers.
Sizes 1-12
Order No. A916

This triangular, translucent silicone swim form has a fuller, more mature profile than the Calypso, Trulife's heart-shaped swim form. When worn in a swimsuit, the firm silicone helps prevent shifting.
Sizes 1-14
Order No. C641

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